CornSTICK®: Trusted Foot Corn Remedy

cornstick-boxCornStick® has been used by millions of people for decades to safely remove foot corns and calluses. Corn STICK® contains the maximum strength of active ingredient salicylic acid. CornStick® relieves pain by removing the corns and calluses.

Balassa Laboratories Inc is the original and only manufacturer of CornStick®. Balassa Laboratories Inc traces its roots back to the 1930′s and a pharmacist named Joseph Balassa. Mr Balassa used his creative genius and knowledge of chemistry and pharmaceutical ingredients to invent the unique formula contained in CornStick® and WartSTICK®, highly effective products used for decades to remove corn, calluses and warts.

How CornStick® Works

Foot Corns and calluses are thickened areas of skin that form in response to pressure or friction in a localized area. They are part of the body’s natural defense mechanism in an attempt to protect the area from injury.


Once a corn or callus has formed, CornStick® with the active ingredient salicylic acid, is a safe and effective treatment. Used as directed, CornStick® will dissolve the upper layers of the thickened dead skin and remove a corn or callus.

What People Say about CornStick®

quote I just had to write to tell you what a great product you have in CornStick. It was better than any of the Dr Scholl’s products I have tried.”

– E.G. Wheaton, Illinois

quote Dear Sirs,
I have a stick of your CornStick. It is the best by far from anything I have ever used. The product is fantastic.”

– M. V.

quote I have been using your “CornStick®” for corn and calluses. It is wonderful. It removes the corn and calluses without making them sore and does it fast. It does not “run” onto the surrounding skin. Thank you”
– D. C. Chattanooga, Tennessee

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