Corn Treatment That Works

The Beauty and The Feet

Picture a beautiful model strutting down the runway on incredibly high heels, looking gorgeous and glamorous. Her face is expressionless. She appears cool, calm and collected.

But inside her head, she’s saying, “Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch,” and wishing that she could kick off those dazzling designer shoes and go home to put her feet up on the couch.

We Googled (in the interest of science) “Celebrities With Corns” and found a multitude of sites with pictures of beautiful celebrities exhibiting painful looking corns on their feet.

One night on the Red Carpet in a tight fitting pair of Jimmy Choos can wreak havoc on a pair of beautiful feet.

Corn Treatment That WorksWhy Corns Appear

The pressure caused by poorly fitting shoes, especially on top of the toes or in areas of the feet where bone rubs against skin, can cause corns to appear.

Corns form in response to friction by building up layers of skin to cushion the area that is being hurt by constant rubbing.

Corn Prevention

Wearing shoes that fit well can prevent corns from forming. Trying on a fabulous pair of shoes at the end of the day, when your feet are at their most swollen and tired, will give you an idea of how comfortable (or uncomfortable) they are and how well they fit.

Give yourself some “wiggle room” at the toes… about 1/2 an inch.

If you just have to squeeze your feet into a pair of Manolo Blahniks with pointed toes and stiletto heels, save them for very special occasions and wear comfortable and properly fitting shoes for work and play.

Wearing socks or stockings can relieve some of the friction on the feet and make shoes feel more comfortable.

Corns are unsightly and painful.

Corn Treatment That Works - BandageCorn Treatment That Works

Using CornStick® is a safe, easy way to remove corns on feet.

Just place a thin layer on top of the corn, cover it with a soft bandage and let it get to work.

CornStick® contains the maximum strength of salicylic acid available in an over-the- counter corn remover. The salicylic acid in CornStick® works by removing the top layers of the corn. This not only gets rid of the corn, but also relieves pain as it reduces the size of the corn.

We suggest using CornStick® before you walk down the red carpet to get an Academy Award. You never know when the paparazzi will be flashing photos.

CornStick® is available on-line and at CVS and Rite-Aid stores across the country.

Our family has been making CornStick® for more than 50 years.  It has been used by millions of satisfied customers, many of whom have written us telling of their great success with CornSTICK®. CornSTICK® is available on-line and in CVS and Rite Aid stores around the country.

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