Callus Remover Corn Stick

The Cause of the Callus

Calluses are thick, hard layers of skin that form to protect an area on the body from repeated friction or rubbing.

Anyone who has ever taken guitar lessons knows how painful and sore their fingers can get when they first start out. Seasoned guitar players say that they had to “play through the pain” to develop the calluses that protect their fingers from the pressure of heavy metal strings.

Callus Remover trumpet playersGreat trumpet players, like Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie, played so hard that they suffered from calluses on their lips, which forced them to stop playing for long periods of time.

People in other occupations can also develop calluses. Carpenters, construction workers, runners, walkers, bowlers, even people who hold a pen against their fingers for any length of time, can develop calluses.

Knowing When to Use a Callus Remover

Most of us don’t need calluses to protect us from the hazards of our occupations.

We might get a callus from poor fitting shoes (especially high heels), walking the extra mile or even from chopping wood.

callus remover - high heelsWhen a callus becomes painful or interferes with your activities, like walking or writing, then it’s probably time to remove it.

If you’re diabetic or have poor circulation it’s best to see a physician to discuss the best treatment approach.

Corn STICK®: A Very Effective Callus Remover

A callus is made up of thick layers of skin. Corn STICK® contains salicylic acid, which breaks down the layers that form the callus. Corn STICK® is effective because it contains the maximum amount of salicylic acid that can be found in an over-the-counter callus remover.

Corn STICK® is safe and easy to use:

  • Place a thin layer of Corn STICK® on the callus
  • Cover the area with a soft bandage
  • Repeat daily until the callus is gone

Because Corn STICK® is a solid and goes on dry, it’s easy to get it right onto the callus. If you get some on the skin surrounding the callus, just wipe it off.

You can apply Corn STICK® at bedtime, cover it up and let it get to work. Soaking the callus in warm water 5 minutes before applying Corn STICK® can be helpful for some.  Please read all directions and drug facts on the box.

If you have any questions about Corn STICK® please contact us.

Corn STICK® is available on-line and at CVS and  Rite Aid stores across the country.


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