What People Say

“I just had to write to tell you what a great product you have in CornStick®. It was better than any of the Dr Scholl’s products I have tried.”
E.G. Wheaton, Illinois

Dear Sirs
I have a stick of your CornStick®. It is the best by far from anything I have ever used. The product is fantastic.
M. V.

I have been using your “CornStick®” for corn and calluses. It is wonderful. It removes the corn and calluses without making them sore and does it fast. It does not “run” onto the surrounding skin. Thank you
D. C. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Dear Sir,

corn removal products

Corn STICK® removes painful corns.

The purpose of this letter is to commend you and your workers for the manufacture of CornStick®.  I have been using a nationally named liquid for the removal of corns from my mothers feet with some but little results. I was to the point of sending her to the podiatrist when my sister suggested using your product. After using your product for two consecutive three day intervals my mothers corns came off and healthy skin appeared below. Thank you for the production of such a fine product for the American consumer.
D. M.

Dear Sir,
I am writing to tell you how much I like your product CornStick®. My daughter in law let me use it because my feet were so sore from a corn on both pinky toes. I have been using the products in the drug store but they just didn’t work.
Thank you.
J. B. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Dear Sirs
I ordered your CornStick®. It came from a mail order house. This is not important. What is important is giving relief to my beloved 85 year old mother. Your product is giving her relief!! It was my good fortune when I “by chance” ordered your fine product.
R. B. San Antonio, Texas

We have been using the CornStick® your company makes and have had very good results in removing corns.
E. M. Mountain View, Arkansas

Sometime ago I purchased 2 of your CornStick. I have tried many products on the market and did not get the results I had with your product.
W. M. Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Dear Sir or Madam:
I received the CornStick®….I put it on my corns and it is the first relief I have had for months. I appreciate it so much and I am never going to be without the little stick again.
E. C.

We bought your CornStick®…. We have had excellent results over anything else we have tried. Even the application is simple.
H. M. San Francisco, California

I have finished the use of your CornStick® product and liked to results very much. CornStick® is the best I’ve ever used for corn removal…
N. F. Teague, Texas

Dear Sir or Madam: I have been using your CornStick® for 4 years now with unbelievable results.
M. D. Seabrook, New Hamshire

I had corns on four of my toes. Dr was going to do surgery then I saw your ad in the magazine and sent for the CornStick® and I have had no pain in my feet. The best in 10 years.
O. H.

I have one of your CornStick® that was given to me and it is one of the best products I have ever used.
M. B. Columbia City, Indiana

This is the best corn remover I have ever found
B. D.

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